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Living in Grace

Living in Grace

I’m not handling this quarantine like I want to. I tend to adapt to change quickly and easily. Early on, I was really productive and had a long list of projects I wanted to work on. But, instead of my super-productive-norm I’m feeling lethargic and unmotivated. Some of that has to do with it being

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Our response to the grace of God

Our Response to God’s Grace

The grace God offers us is astonishing when you really think about it. Stop and sit with this thought for a moment. The God who breathes life into creation, who set the stars in place and holds it all together cares enough about you to call you his beloved and die for you, even while

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Uncomfortable Grace

We often think about grace as the wonderful amazing gift of our salvation. But, it’s more than that. Much more. It’s the gift of God’s presence and power for the Christian life. But, sometimes it’s uncomfortable.

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What is God’s Grace?

God’s grace is a critical concept for the children of God to understand, but it can be hard to describe. Here are some ways to think about it as you create a rhythm of grace in your life.

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Intentional Christian Rhythms

Our lives are measured by rhythms, from our heartbeat to our breath to our sleep cycle. Rhythms govern many of our daily activities…but how intentional are you about creating them? We need intentional Christian rhythms in our life to draw our hearts close to God.

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Being Available to God

We live in a crazy busy culture. Information overload, a jam-packed life, and constantly keeping up with our exhausting schedules is enough to wear us out. But, the biggest pitfall of that type of life is that we lose the ability to be available to God. And not being available to God makes all the rest of the busy-ness worthless!

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What is joy?

What is Joy (Really)?

While I know the head-knowledge definition of joy, I was looking for more. I wanted a boots-on-the-ground kind of understanding. I want to be able to feel in my bones an understanding of joy.

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Verses About Joy

After studying Philippians, I wanted to see what the rest of the Bible said about joy, so here is a whole collections of verses about joy!

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Starting the New Year off Right

The moment the wrapping is off the gifts, our culture starts screaming, “New Year, New You!” We start scrambling for goals, special words, and new strategies. But, what if we approached this year differently? What if we acted out of the overflow of our relationship with God?

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