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Christian Planning for the New Year

As we head into a new year, we’re bombarded with messages about goal-setting and planning. But, Christian planning for the new year should look different, than the world’s.

Starting the New Year off Right

The moment the wrapping is off the gifts, our culture starts screaming, “New Year, New You!” We start scrambling for goals, special words, and new strategies. But, what if we approached this year differently? What if we acted out of the overflow of our relationship with God?

Families Change: Handling Holiday Gatherings

Families change, it’s a fact of life. But, dealing with your mom’s new boyfriend at Christmas dinner is a whole different story. No one really signs up for that! How are we supposed to handle it?

How To Transform Any Experience Into Personal Growth

Peek over my shoulder as I process my recent emotional speed bump through a step-by-step method designed to transform any experience into personal growth. Our lives are filled with both good and bad experiences. We can learn a lot from them, but only if we’re intentional about it.

20 Christmas Activity Ideas

Here is a list of Christmas activity ideas that doesn’t include Elf on a Shelf or watching a Christmas movie. Inject some fresh ideas into your holiday!

Five Keys to Keeping Christ in Christmas

It’s so easy to let our relationship with God get buried under the weight of the holiday season! Here are five keys to keeping Christ in Christmas!

10 Ways to Simplify Christmas Gift Giving

Gift giving can be overwhelming during the holiday season and it doesn’t have to be! Here are 10 ways to simplify your Christmas gift giving!

13 Ways to Simplify Thanksgiving Dinner

Does Thanksgiving stress you out? It doesn’t need to! Here are 13 ways to simplify Thanksgiving dinner so you can have the holiday you’ve always wanted!

Coping with an Emotional Speedbump

My boyfriend’s daughter’s wedding triggered a surprise emotional breakdown. Learn how I coped with it and where you can turn to handle wayward emotions..

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5 Steps to a Stress-Free Christmas

It IS possible! A Christmas that honors God and brings joy to your family without leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed!