Who are you? WHO GETS TO DECIDE?

What do you honestly believe about yourself?

Do you define yourself by your bank account, your appearance, your past, or your lifestyle?

God has a lot to say about who you are and he’s more trustworthy than your circumstances, friends, feelings, or possessions. In a series of easy-to-understand devotional readings, Who God Says You Are will help you absorb the amazing, unchanging truths about how he defines you.

  • Never again believe someone else’s story about you!
  • Never again allow the world around you to tell you that you’re less-than, worthless, small, or forgotten!
  • Never again allow your circumstances to control you!

Instead, live every day in the confidence and freedom of knowing exactly who you are. This changes everything about how you experience life!


Understand God’s truth and step into all He declares you to be!

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