Your Story is Beautiful. Yes, Yours.

I see you. You can remember moments of joy in your life and so many individual moments of pain. You look a specific way, feel a certain way, and live a distinct way. You’re a completely unique combination of dreams, experiences, habits, loves, lessons learned, and potential to be realized. You have struggles and internal battles. You want to feel understood, to be known. You want to be loved and appreciated.

All of these experiences, personality traits, gifts, scars, and desires weave together to create the story of your life. It’s easy to diminish your own story. It’s tempting to label it unimportant, not as exciting, interesting, or impactful as anyone else’s. It feels boring and ordinary. 

You compare it to what you see of others’ stories on social media, on Netflix, in conversations, and in magazines. You compare it to “should have’s” and “could have’s” and unrealized dreams. 

And it always falls short. It feels shabby and uninteresting at best. Shameful or embarrassing. 

Don’t believe it. That’s a lie.

Your story is beautiful. It’s critically important. And the world desperately needs you to be fully present in it. Writing it with intention.

You have been perfectly designed by the Creator in his image, to accomplish his plans. You are loved beyond measure. Your story is perfectly woven into the tapestry of God’s Kingdom. Without it, there would be a hole. Threads would unravel. 

It doesn’t matter what the world thinks makes a good life story. It only matters what God thinks. And he’s designed you for your story. To accomplish his purposes. To bring him glory within your story. 

Did you catch that? You and your story are perfectly designed to bring him glory! 

If you feel like your life is small, unimportant, shabby, or shameful, you need to reconsider. It is marked with the beautiful image of God. You are a bearer of the Holy Spirit. You are the friend, the child, the beloved of the Most High God.

The world needs to see the work of God exactly where you are. In the midst of the circumstances you’re in.

You and your story are an integral part of the tapestry God is weaving. The world around you needs to see the love of God in you. In your specific every day, errand-running, working, kid-taxi-ing life. 

If you think it’s too messy, too imperfect, too flawed, welcome to humanity. Everyone’s story is messy, imperfect, and flawed, no matter what it looks like on Instagram. If you think you’re beyond hope, no one is. If you think you can’t, God can. If you feel inadequate, God is more than able.

Your story isn’t made beautiful by a perfectly put together life, a well-decorated home, successful children, or the size of your bank account. Your story is only made beautiful by the presence of Jesus. By the work of the Holy Spirit. By the love of God. Everything else is simply the circumstances which you are to drench with the love of Christ

The beauty of your life story is not determined by your circumstances. It’s found in the presence of God. In how much of his limitless love you can pour into them.

Look at your life differently today. Look at it as an opportunity to pour out love and grace. Actively partner with God in the writing of today’s chapter. Ask him where he wants to show love through you today. We desperately need that from you.

Yes, I’m talking to you, beautiful!

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